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2019 Solidarity Forever labor history calendar SOLD OUT

2019 calendar cover2019 Solidarity Forever Labor History Calendar

Our 2019 calendar celebrates the legacy of great strikes, from the Seattle and Winnipeg general strikes of 100 years ago to the wave of teachers’ strikes last year that gave renewed hope to a U.S. labor movement that has suffered decades of defeats and retrenchment, and to millions of workers struggling to survive. 14 photos, and more than a thousand notes. Published annually since 1985.

This 11-by-17 wall calendar is printed by union labor. $12.95, postpaid. Order at

We welcome suggestions of important dates in labor history around the world, and especially information about photos that should be considered for inclusion.

“I want to express my gratitude for making the Labor History Calendar available. For years I have been purchasing it and find that it contains enormous information about labor history, both in the United States and internationally. As a former steelworker turned labor historian it is of immense value to me in teaching my students labor history by reminding me of the labor events that have taken place in the past.”
— M.B., Houston

2018 Railroad Workers Calendar

2018rwucalendarcoverThis standard 11-by-17 wall calendar features a scene from rail labor history each month plus more than 150 historic dates of significance to railroad workers over the last century and a half of struggle. $15 each, free shipping.

The Rail Workers Labor History Calendar is produced with Railroad Workers United, and benefits their work organizing railroad worker solidarity across craft lines and other borders. It is printed by union labor. Bulk rates are available. You can order copies directly from Railroad Workers United (site includes rates for bulk orders), or order single copies from the Hungarian Literature Fund by clicking here.

2018 labor history calendars

2018 calendar cover_Page_1We have produced two calendars for 2018: one marks railroad workers’ struggles (proceeds support the work of Railroad Workers United), and our normal Solidarity Forever Labor History calendar – this time marking labor struggles against fascism and bigotry with 14 photos, hundreds of commemorative notes, and an essay on the role unions have played in this vital struggle. Both open to 11 by 17, and are printed by union labor.

2017 labor history calendar


The 2017 Solidarity Forever Labor History Calendar is now in its third printing. The retail price remains at $12, post-paid to US and Canada. A bundle of 5 copies to the same address is $36. Those interested in large quantities should contact us at

The calendar opens to 11 by 17 inches, features 15 photos of labor struggles from around the world and an essay reflecting on the current implications of the 1917 Bisbee deportation of hundreds of largely immigrant workers dumped in the desert for daring to organize and strike. It is union-printed, and continues the series of labor history calendars we began in 1985. Copies can be ordered at (which includes a broader array of options) or using the following links: Single Copy $12; Outside US & Canada $14.50; bundle of 5 copies to US & Canada $36. (PayPal recently changed its default, so orders placed via these links [but not through] will arrive without your mailing address unless you specify otherwise, or email it to us at We will email to request addresses for all orders arriving without them.)

Thanks for all your good work on putting out the best working class calendar. I love to give copies out to young workers in my union…


James Connolly: The Irish Rebel

jamesconnollycoverMay 1916 marked the centenary of the execution of IWW/labor organizer James Connolly by British authorities for his role in leading the Easter Rebellion. The IWW Hungarian Literature Fund is commemorating the occasion by publishing a graphic history of his life by veteran comic artist Tom Keough, followed by a modest selection of Connolly’s writings and an afterword by labor historian (and editor of the graphic history The Wobblies) Paul Buhle.

Ordering information and more details are available on our Connolly page.

2016 Labor History Calendar out of print 2016 labor history calendar is out of print.

We returned to the smaller 11 by 17 format for 2016, and restored the price to $12, $6.50 each for orders of 5 or more copies (ask for rates for orders of 25 copies or more). It is produced in cooperation with the Greater Kansas City General Membership Branch of IWW.

Work is beginning on the 2017 edition of the calendar. In March 2016, the Hungarian Literature Fund will co-release James Connolly: A Full Life, a graphic novella by Tom Keough issued on the centenary of the Easter Rising.

Joe Hill Roadshow (updated)

The Joe Hill Roadshow, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the execution of IWW organizer and songwriter Joe Hill kicks off Friday, May 1, in Chicago. Details at The first leg ran through the midWest; the East Coast run begins July 24; later legs will run up the West coast, and through the South. A Rust Belt tour is also being contemplated. Details on this and other Joe Hill commemorative events are posted at

The web site also has a page for purchasing a Joe Hill commemorative t-shirt and other items, a chronology of major events in Joe Hill’s life, etc.; it is continuously being updated.

Happy Birthday, Ben Fletcher!

BFletcherMonday, April 13, is the 125th anniversary of the birth of the great African-American IWW organizer Ben Fletcher, who organized Philadelphia dockworkers into the country’s first integrated longshore union.

Farewell, Fellow Worker

IWW Hungarian Literature Fund trustee and former IWW General Executive Board Chairman Fred Lee has died. FW Lee liberated the last of Joe Hill’s ashes from federal custody, played a central role in reviving the IWW in the British Isles, and was a renowned heterodox economist who worked relentlessly to break the stranglehold of pro-capitalist orthodoxy.

2015 labor history calendar

hill calendar coverThe 2015 calendar is now available. It features the songs of IWW songwriter Joe Hill, with more than 20 striking photos and graphics that connect to many of his best-known works. 2015 is of course the centenary of Joe Hill’s murder by the capitalist class and the state of Utah, framed for a murder that no rational person believes he committed. (All the physical evidence pointed elsewhere, and William Adler’s recent biography demolishes the circumstantial case that the authorities pinned together to justify a case that from its beginnings was built solely on the belief that a Wobbly and writer of labor songs was a disreputable person capable of committing any crime.)

This year’s calendar is large-format (12 by 12), with a full-color cover. It features extensive notes on significant events in Joe Hill’s life and struggles, as well as hundreds of notes commemorating important dates from hundreds of years of labor struggles. A short essay highlights Joe Hill’s importance as an IWW organizer and songwriter. It is produced in cooperation with the Boston IWW branch. Single copies are $15.95; Five copies to the same address are $50. (Please add $3 per copy for international postage.)

Checks payable to Boston IWW can be mailed to: Boston IWW, PO Box 391724, Cambridge MA 02139. Or payments can be made through PayPal: Single Copy $15.95;  Copy with International Postage: $18.95 Bundle of 5: $50