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James Connolly Centenary

jamesconnollycoverIt is good to see this graphic account of the life of James Connolly, the socialist and fighter for Irish freedom who also defended the rights of women to revolt. He was one of the inspirations in the late 1960s when early womens liberation groups started to form. His ideas are as needful today as they were in the twentieth century.”  

Sheila Rowbotham

May 1916 marked the centenary of the execution of IWW/labor organizer James Connolly by British authorities for his part in leading the Easter Rebellion. The IWW Hungarian Literature Fund is commemorating the occasion by publishing, in collaboration with PM Press, a graphic history of his life by veteran comic artist Tom Keough, followed by a modest selection of Connollys writings and an afterword by labor historian (and editor of the graphic history The Wobblies) Paul Buhle.

Media Coverage: Excerpt in Dissent; interview with Tom Keough on WBAI; review in Morning Star; excerpt in Against the Current; interview with Paul Buhle and Mat Calahan (who recently released an album of Connolly’s songs) on Law & Disorder radio; and Paul Buhle on Rag Radio.

Copies of the 42-page pamphlet A Full Life: James Connolly the Irish Rebel are available for $4.95, or three for $10.00, post-paid to U.S. addresses. (Inquire for international postage) Published March 27, 2016. To order, click here or choose one of the options at the bottom of this page.

There are a number of online collections of Connolly’s writings, including:

To purchase, choose one: Single copy  3 Copies to Single Address
Single Copy Outside US & Canada

connolly cover (turkish)In September 2022, the book was translated into Turkish by Mehmet Atala, and published as Irlandali Isyanci James Connolly in a handsome hardcover edition by Patika: 39.

“Tom Keough and Paul Buhle have put together a terrific graphic remembrance of a giant among working class heroes: James Connolly.  I hope that it will serve as an introduction to many, and foster a greater understanding of the depth and intensity of Connolly’s contributions to the labor movement and socialism.”

 — Anne Feeney, labor singer/songwriter

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