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Farewell, Fellow Worker

August 8, 2014

Longtime Wobbly and Hungarian Literature Fund trustee Penny Pixler died earlier this year, after a long struggle with cancer. She joined the Industrial Workers of the World in the 1970s, as a veteran of the anti-war and feminist movements, and remained an active member until her death. She served a term as IWW General Secretary-Treasurer, co-edited the 36th edition of the Little Red Songbook, and was a long-time contributor to the Industrial Worker.

FW Pixler was one of a generation of younger Wobblies selected by its founders to revive the Hungarian Literature Fund in the 1980s, after a long period of dormancy. Her time in the IWW was marked by an abiding commitment to civility, an unshakeable internationalism, and a refusal to quit. Her ashes were scattered in Waldheim Cemetery on Labor Day, 2014.

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